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Our Client’s Challenge

Our client had a team member who was not performing to expectations culminating in concerns from their external clients about the service they were receiving. Meetings had not been attended and promises made to supply information at given times were not met. Friction between the employee and his Manager was building giving to a breakdown in the working relationship.

Regular performance appraisals had not taken place and following meetings between Every Cloud and the Manager it became apparent that although the employee had been part of informal meetings to discuss the Company’s clients expectations no formal investigations had taken place and therefore no improvement plans had been agreed.

Our Solution

Every Cloud advised our clients to invite the employee to a formal meeting where the employee was to be given an opportunity to answer the concerns of the business; we assisted with formal letters and attended the meetings as mediators and to take minutes. The employee was given an opportunity to be accompanied at the meeting and informed that depending upon the outcome of the investigations the company might take disciplinary action.

During the meeting it became apparent that the employee in question was struggling with his workload and a lack of communication from the employee to both the client and also his Management line had left them in the dark about how projects that he had responsibility for were progressing.

He had struggled with his workload and rather than approach a more senior member of his team for assistance and guidance had taken on further workload, setting overly optimistic deadlines that he could not keep feeling that as he had been given ownership of his tasks it was his responsibility to impress his clients. He was finding it hard to meet his obligations to his clients and the requirement for him to report to others as well as keep up with internal administrative duties.

Every Cloud advised our clients on an improvement plan for the employee which included sitting down with a more experienced staff member to work through the backlog of work, attendance at a time management workshop and a programme of deliverables that would be monitored regularly.

For the business overall we advised our Clients on the benefit of regular performance appraisals for all staff at which time objectives, tasks, targets etc. could be agreed, in future appraisals discussions could be held on the significance of the achievements and any objectives that have not been achieved. Details could then be recorded of any training, performance or capability issues and taken forward as part of a continuing improvement plan.


The benefit of carrying out a performance appraisal is that it gives an opportunity to focus on work activities and encourage future performance. Early recognition of problems gives an opportunity to turn things about and correct bad working practices.

A formal focussed meeting of this type gives an opportunity for both the employee and their manager to communicate not only their concerns but also to motivate through recognition for their efforts.

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