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Our Client’s challenge

Our client had a member of their staff that had been on long term sickness which had been linked to problems of a mental nature. This staff member was recovering and looking to return to the workplace. This was a positive move but our client had reservations about the pressures this would put the staff member under and how it should be relayed to the team.

Every Cloud’s Advice

Every Cloud assisted by writing draft letters to the employee requesting permission to approach his GP for information on how we could help his transition back into work along with forms to be sent to the GP showing permission given, etc.

On receipt of information we then liaised with the staff member and helped to draw up a plan for him to rejoin the workforce over a prolonged period of gradually increasing hours of work. With the employees input his close colleagues were notified of his return and kept informed of his flexible working hours but with medical information restricted to that the employee wished to be disclosed.

We put the company in touch with a health advisor who assisted by regular meetings with the employee to support his return to work. This advisor also went on to work closely with the company on other aspects of their duty of care to their employees.


The Company now has an employee fit and ready to continue to work, the employee feels appreciated and was able to gain confidence over time in getting back into the day to day activities of his role. By minimising the strain on his return he has now returned to full-time employment, fulfilling the role to the best of his abilities and satisfying the needs of the business. His colleagues have been supportive and also ‘feel good’ about the response from their employer, helping to build an engaged workforce.

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