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Every Clouds mission is to help you create a healthier and more productive workforce so why not sign up to our wellbeing programme

Take the time to read our overview and then call us to discuss your requirements

Why you should consider improving health at work

  • The annual economic cost of ill health in lost productivity, lost tax and increased health and welfare cost is £100 billion
  • 172 million working days a year in UK are lost to absence. The cost to employees is £13 billion a year
  • Over half the adult population in the UK is overweight
  • In England one in four people are classified as obese, and 8 million working days a year are lost
  • 87% of employees feel they would be more productive if they could take time out in their working day to exercise and eat healthily
  • In any one year, one in four British adults experience some kind of mental health problem


  • We spend up to 60% of our waking hours at work
  • Boosting health and wellbeing is good for employees, they will enjoy better health, have less illness, better recovery times and higher workplace and personal morale
  • Plus the employer gets a happier, more motivated team, less absenteeism, better staff retention, a more positive image and a better all-round working environment

How can we help?

  • We can manage the programme for you, “reducing those stress levels “releasing your time to manage your business, using our associate health and wellbeing coach
  • We can agree with you your goals and ambitions for the programme
  • We can set up an in-house coordinator (Champion) who will work with the management to deliver the programme, this may be an employee or our health and wellbeing coordinator Dan Bennett
  • Help you to ensure your managers and staff are fully committed to the scheme via an introductory workshop, and setting up a working group for larger companies
  • We would advise on the introduction of the scheme and have a launch event with mini taster sessions
  • Provide health checks for employees
  • We will help you to promote a positive lifestyle looking at:
    • being active
    • eating healthily
    • avoiding smoking
    • taking a life style check
    • setting up physical activity programmes

Once the programme is set up we will help you to ensure it runs smoothly and adds benefit to your company via reducing absenteeism, helping to build strong teams that are more productive

For more information on how we can help you to build a programme that suit your needs and your budget please call us on 01403 263274

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