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Staff development needs are not always met by attending courses. In fact many courses focus their content on practical application rather than ‘business thinking’.

All training needs must be realistic and relevant to the employees’ job role and the objectives as agreed within the performance appraisal and the needs of the business. It is however important to consider other ways of developing staff.

This may include:

Inspiring them to take on higher or broader levels of responsibility

  • Encouraging innovation and creative thought
  • Working more closely with experienced team members
  • Formal mentoring schemes

Mentoring in particular enables the individuals to develop a greater sense of fulfillment, role identification, internal authority and identity, resulting in a greater level of competency and personal satisfaction.

Every Cloud can assist you to build the performance appraisals for your employees, training your managers in how they should be completed. We give guidance on how to get the best outcomes for both the Company and those being appraised by giving consideration to the skills, capabilities and experience required by the employee to show competence in the current job role and / or in readiness to progress towards promotion or into other areas of the business.

The positive role a business coach has in your organisation

In business, it is necessary to communicate across different levels of skills and responsibilities and overcome difficulties.

Working in partnership with business coaches proficient in effective workplace communication we look to assist our clients to build upon its skills in:

  • Listening
  • Influencing
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Public speaking
  • Responding to conflict

Effective communications training help our people relate to each other more efficiently, build relationships which strengthen and motivate our teams, help them accept and make change and deal better with our clients through strengthened customer service.

To discuss ways in which Every Cloud can improve and enhance communication within your business why not call for a free informal chat?

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