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and they told us their top ten challenges are

Managing scarce resources

  • Are you struggling to manage your debtors and cash flow plus trying to get value from your general business support? If so we can help you by providing that stable platform to manage your business from whilst helping you to increase productivity and a committed team.

Retaining their biggest assets (their staff)

  • Redundancies, pay cuts and reduced hours are unfortunately, all too common in our current markets. Every Cloud can help you to manage these downsides and then assist you to move forward by helping to reassure your remaining employees and starting to rebuild that strong team committed to taking the company forward as the economy improves.

Making informed decisions

  • Life can be lonely for the MD of a small company and its difficult to know where to go for advice, we can be both your sounding board and challenging advisor allowing you to tap into our experience and knowledge. Your success is our success.

Team Development

  • Are you making the most of your employees talents, do you appraise your staff regularly, do you have a competency framework in place, can your employees see and understand the level of performance they need to achieve in order to be promoted, do you use mentoring to help raise the quality your employees. We can assist you by putting a programme in place to allow you to get the best from your staff.

Engaging the right person

  • Are you worried about getting the right person for the job? We can assist you with drawing up the job description prior to recruiting, ensure the role is really required and look at possible alternatives, assist with the recruitment and questions. We will help you ask for the right documents from the successful candidate and assist you through the probationary period including extensions if there are problems you feel can be resolved prior to confirming the appointment.

Understanding legislation

  • Keeping up with business legislation can be a very time consuming exercise which can distract from the core business, we can be your eyes and ears informing you of the legislative changes and how they will affect you whilst you concentrate on building your business.

“Delegation” – It’s not just a word

  • Many companies say that they delegate (Empower) their employees but in reality they are shallow words and the “you will do it this way” attitude from management still exists. We can assist you in building a truly empowered workforce that will not only release management time but will allow your employees to buy into your goals and ambitions by becoming more productive and responsible.

Social media – are you at risk?

  • Many companies are encouraging the use of social networking to enhance brand awareness, help with recruitment and encourage employee engagement. The downside of this is that many companies have had to discipline their employees for criticising their fellow worker or the company through media such as facebook or twitter although 60% of these companies have no policy in place to guide their employees on the do’s and don’ts of such activities .

Keeping up with legislative changes

  • There is continuous change they you should be aware of, but you don’t personally need to. Let Every Cloud inform you ahead of legislative implementation so you can plan ahead for any changes and manage the process with the minimum of disruption.

Flexible working – will they lose control?

  • Flexible working can help to build good working relationships between the employer and employees and may well help to retain valuable staff as well as build stronger more open teams. The fear is that employers lose control of their workforce and that it would be difficult to manage business commitments. It is not a right to work flexibly but it is a right to be able to request change and have the request given due consideration. The granting of any request may only be withheld for specific business reasons.

To find out more contact Every Cloud for bespoke advice that will give workable solutions.

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